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How do we prepare the real Tiramisù of Treviso

It may seem trivial, of all the grandmothers and families, it could seem the most common cake, but a true Tiramisu of Treviso it’s composed by essential elements that connect history and tradition, making that perfume unmistakable in an inimitable way and it’s released in at the first taste. Savoiardi soaked with fragrant coffee, soft and light cream created with the right mix of eggs and sugar are alternated until the final touch of cocoa puts the signature on the most precious of the sweets.

The preparation


From the beginnig, soft and tasty.


Bespoke and handmade, are a delight for the palate that create a unique and inimitable pleasure.


Only with the best coffee we can get an intense and balanced taste.


Handmade, makes every single Trevissù unique.


The patient composition of all the precious ingredients allows the creation of single and unrepeatable expressions of taste.

Final touch

The dusting of cocoa, the final touch of a perfect dessert.


A version dedicated to our Vegan-friendly customers, without derivatives of animal origin.


The one and only, composed of mascarpone, eggs, sugar, savoiardi, coffee and cocoa.


For those looking for that extra touch, an addition perfumed with Rhum creates a special contrast.

Want to taste it?

Trevissù can be tasted in our pastry shop located in Piazzetta della Torre 8, in the historic center of Treviso, near to the historic Fontana Delle Tette and the famous Piazza dei Signori. You can taste it with a coffee or take home the version you prefer and enjoy it at the most opportune moment.

Are you in a hurry and can’t find parking? Don’t worry, you can also pick it up at our pastry shop in Viale Luzzatti, find us outside the historic walls, you can reach us by car and park comfortably.