3 flavours 3 unique tastes

To satisfy the tastes of all the lovers of our Trevissù, we have designed and created three unique variants.


The most loved one, that makes anyone's heart beat faster.


Made to meet the needs of all our customers.


A stronger taste that enhances the scent of rum combined with coffee.

The uncomparable cream

Mascarpone, sugar and eggs, this is the heart of Tiramisu. The ensemble that makes our recipe soft and tasty.

Evergreen classic

For every event or moment of your day, a tiramisu will never disappoint your sweet tooth!

An inimitable taste

A combination of different ingredients: sweet and bitter, combined to create an inimitable flavor.

The taste of tradition

The sweet of every family. When you taste a tiramisù it is like a dive into the unforgettable memories of each person.

Satisfy every palate

For adults and children, there is no age to decline it. Trevissù is the most famous and loved in the world Italian dessert.

Trevissù in the world

Share the one and only Tiramisù of Treviso everywhere.

Antica Pasticceria Nascimben

The secular experience of our family, the traditional processing of our recipe that sets us apart for the realization of what is not only a dessert, but is an authentic experience of aromas, flavors and emotions.

The Savoiardo

Central soul of this dessert, made by hand with special molds made to measure for Trevissù.

The coffee

The right blend gives a unique and unparalleled fragrance.

The Cocoa

A bit bitter, Trevissù uses a cocoa from South America.

They’ve tasted it!

ci siamo capitati per caso girando per treviso. e siamo rimasti sorpresi del tiramisu (normale) veramente di ottima fattura, grande varietà di mignon principalmente secchi. abbiamo anche assaggiato il tiramisu da viaggio e dopo 4 ore di pulman non ha fatto rimpiangere quello assaggiato al bancone. molto buono da provare. una piccola delizia nel centro di treviso


Rimini, Italia

Una pasticceria molto interessante per la colazione, con una vasta scelta di brioches di vario tipo, fresche e molto buone. Ottimo il tiramisù per una merenda sfiziosa. Gentilissimo e cortese il personale. Da provare


Turin, Piemonte, Italy

Andando a Treviso non puoi prescindere dal ricerca di un buon tiramisù (che pare sia stato inventato qui). Mi sono documentato ed ho scoperto che uno dei migliori è quello della Antica Pasticceria Nascimben che si trova fuori dalla mura, ma che ha aperto questo localini in questa piazzetta nascosta nel centro della città. Allora eccoci seduti ad uno dei due tavolini sulla piazzetta a farci servire il ‘trevissu’. La monoporzione ci viene servita su un vassietto in cartone (molto ben congeniato) ed è il più classico dei tiramisù. Bravi!


Benevento, Italia

Ways to taste it

What could be better than sharing the most famous dessert in the world with your loved ones? For this reason we have thought about creating various formats: to amaze the person you love, to brighten up a family dinner or recharge your batteries after a long day at work.

For a moment of delicious intimacy.

Good for a breakfast or as a snack!

80 g ca.

To share with who you want.

A double portion for friends or lovers!

160 g ca.

Let’s celebrate all together.

Tiramisù is the ideal cake for any party!

320 g ca.

Enjoy one of our classes!

For us, Tiramisu is not just a tasty recipe to preserve with jealousy, but a passion we want to share with you. Get involved by our activities.. if you are a pastry lover, a child who wants to celebrate an important day with friends, a curious tourist who comes to visit us from the other side of the world or a team of colleagues who want to challenge each other at the last spoon.

Let’s organize a tasting!

Are you part of an organized group or a tourist do-it-yourself? We are at your disposal to give an appointment when you prefer, so we can tell you in front of a slice of Tiramisu how this cake was born and why it’s so good!

Benefits for tour operators

Are you a Tour Operator and do you want to try a unique experience within the walls of Treviso? Organize a tasting with us, you will give unforgettable emotions with Trevissù, the Tiramisu of Treviso.

100% Artisanal

The craftsmanship begins with dipping the savoiardi, prepared by us, in a blend of coffee specially made to enhance the scent, on which a soft mascarpone cream is placed. The alternation of these elements is concluded with a sprinkling of sweet cocoa.